Friday, May 18, 2007

Down the Cereal Aisle

Why is going down the cereal aisle so painful after the
death of a child? Why does every sugar-coated morsel
from each cardboard box cry out, "Where is he now?"

Shopping for food when there is one less person to
shop for is not an easy task. The children we loved
and still hold dearly in our hearts, are no longer
around to tug at our sleeve and beg, "Please, please,
oh, please Mommy, can we please buy Cocoa Puffs?"

From the painful grocery store aisle to the
fond memories of my son Daniel, an idea came
to me. A cookbook is what I compiled. Down the
Cereal Aisle holds the memories of those children
who graced our tables once.

Siblings and parents contributed the heart-felt
pieces of this book. From it you can cook, yes,
and learn to make many exciting dishes. But the
best way to read this book is by using all your
senses and letting your heart be touched by the
lives of those we yearn for.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

e-Bay! Remembrance cards

Finally, for my first time since I opened my e-Bay
account, I have something to sell! My Songs From
Heaven cards are available via e-Bay as of tonight.
Go take a look!

Cards of Remembrance

I call them Cards of Remembrance or Comfort
Cards. Whatever you call them, I heard they
do help. These cards--two designs--are for
anyone to purchase and send to someone who
is remembering a loved one. A loved one gone.
Whether it be six weeks or six years since
the death of a friend's loved child or
spouse or mother, these cards are meant
to send. There are two designs, both in

1. Songs from Heaven
"Who will remember those who no longer
sing on earth? We, who hear their
songs from Heaven." -Alice J. Wisler

2. I Wish You
"I wish you fond memories,
starry nights of laughter,
the beauty of a life well lived--
all wrapped in a blanket of solace."
--Alice J. Wisler

Check these cards out at the Writing the
Heartache website: