Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cutting Boards Make Their Way Into Our Shop

"Cutting boards, " said my husband.  "I think we should engrave and sell them."

I was not so optimistic.  I don't say it to his face, but all of his ideas are not the greatest. Some catch on and sell, others aren't as popular as he originally thought they would be.

But cutting boards weren't a huge investment, so I went along.

A few sold at our Etsy and Amazon shops, and a few more on eBay, and then, more orders came in. 

Customers liked Walter White's face a lot and so we created two variations.

Then one morning, our supply was getting low; we didn't have any boards to fulfill orders.  We wondered why our supplier couldn't keep up with our needs.  Finally, when cutting boards were available, we bought loads.  Since then we have bought them by the dozens, so as to never run out.

Our sales are constant, and especially heavy at Christmas.

You never know when and how an idea might take off and make you glad your husband suggested it!

In fact, now we have a section of our shop on Etsy that is devoted to cutting boards.  Customers can even come up with their own design. Our newest board makes a fun and practical Mother's Day gift and can be personalized.

And just for reading this blog post, I am offering a 14% discount on any cutting board from now until May 14th (Mother's Day).  Use this code for 14% off when you shop at our shop: MOM14.  (Coupon code only good for cutting board purchases.)

Carved By Heart Cutting Boards make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and graduation!