Thursday, June 19, 2008

Publishers Weekly

How exciting to see Rain Song's review in the June 9, 2008
issue of Publishers Weekly.
The galley for the novel arrived via UPS last week and even though
I had guests, I managed to allow a shriek of delight to fill my house.
Soon my edited galley will be sent back to my publisher and then,
then, I think Bethany House is going to start with printing the
actual book. Check out my web site to see all my reviews

Monday, June 2, 2008

Library Journal

I must confess that I have been acting a little excited
today. Upon "googling" my name, I found a review for
Rain Song in the June issue of Library Journal. The
writer even has my book listed as a good summer read.
Well, you can buy it when it comes out in October and
read it next summer. If you are a librarian, please order
a copy or two for your library. Don't forget to do this;
make a note of it now even though the book isn't quite
ready yet. I'd hate for some bestseller to come your way
and for you to forget all about me.

In fact, the galleys for Rain Song should be
out next week my editor emailed to tell me
today. She says then my book will look and
feel more like a real book. Perhaps they are
going to publish Rain Song after all....?