Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When the Smoke Clears: Book Review

I'm happy to review a new romantic suspense novel, When the Smoke Clears, by Lynette Eason. This is the first in a series called Deadly Reunions.

Ten years after her graduation from high school, Alexis Allen is a firefighter. When her equipment malfunctions, her department suspends her, believing she failed to follow orders. A friend calls to ask her to attend their high school reunion and when Alexis arrives back in her home town, her life swerves into danger.

Filled with lots of dialogue, this novel is a good read for those who enjoy fast-paced stories with continual action. There are no lengthy descriptions, in fact, many of the sentences are short and to the point. For those who enjoy romance in their stories, When the Smoke Clears provides this between Alexis and the handsome detective, Hunter.

When the Smoke Clears is available on Amazon and at your favorite bookstore.

I was provided with a copy of this book for review by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still Life in Shadows

Still Life In Shadows will be arriving at a bookstore near you on August 1!

Gideon Miller is known as the "Getaway Savior", helping other dissatisfied Amish men and women escape the Old Order lifestyle. He works as a car mechanic and lives in Twin Branches, North Carolina (a fictitious town created by the author. Doesn't it sound good? It's famous for its apple cider).

When thirteen-year-old Kiki Yanagi messes up the parking lot of the repair shop by riding her bicycle over the freshly-poured cement, Gideon wants nothing to do with her. Plus, Kiki is "different". She carries a cloth puppet with her wherever she goes.

Kiki does have one quality that pushes her into the lives of others---she does not give up. Eventually, Gideon lets her work at his shop fixing bikes. And she's good at doing this!

Things seem to be going well until Gideon's younger brother Moriah shows up one day. While Gideon is happy to be reunited, there is something not right about Moriah either . . .

Can Gideon save Moriah from his demons?