Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I confess I search the engines much too much. I suppose I'm hoping to see Rain Song reviewed in more places. Anxious for the world to get its hands on my little novel, I wait. Pub date has never been so close. Yet, I am constantly looking for more book-related action.

As I searched today, I came across The Compassionate Friends' chapter in Leesburg, Virginia's newsletter. I had almost forgotten I wrote this tiny piece for my former e-zine, Tributes. How nice to know that the words about my son Daniel still linger around the Internet, perhaps helping others. Strange, but today, with just over a month to go until we celebrate yet another birthday without him (August 25th he would be 16), my words bring me comfort. I hope there will be meaning in them for you as well.

What I've Learned Since I Last Held Your Hand

- Cemeteries don't scare me anymore

- I live the best I can

- I cannot expect to be always understood

- Making time to cry is important

- The stars seem closer to me now

- A friend who can cry with me is worth more than gold

- Remember to tell those you love, "I love you", often

- Butterflies are peaceful and calm; taking time to watch them brings comfort

- Living life is like viewing a morning glory - you have to be wanting and waiting to see the beauty

~Alice J. Wisler, In memory of Daniel Wisler

Monday, July 21, 2008

Two months to go...

Two more months and a few weeks, but who isn't counting, until the debut of my novel Rain Song. I am impressed with the reviews and hope I get to see more of them. As for book two, we have decided to call it How Sweet it is and the art department at Bethany House is working on a cover.