Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost here!

I'm looking forward to the next all-day writing workshop I'll be hosting in Raleigh on July 30th. The two held last year still hold such fond memories for me. This year, the workshop is brand new---Gateway Through Life's Losses.

One of the things I love about these workshops is the people who attend. I enjoy teaching and sharing, but most of all, I like hearing insights about grief and struggles and loss from others. As they say, the teacher always learns the most.

Having said that, I received a nice post on a writers' loop from a woman who came all the way from Wilmington to attend one of last year's Writing the Heartache workshops. She wrote:

I attended Alice's workshop last year and was greatly blessed. I highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered loss and I think all of us have at some time. It had been a while since I lost my parents and my husband, but I found it helpful to remember and focus on some of the good things they brought into my life. I especially liked writing letters to them; that gave me a sense of letting go and freeing myself to go on with my life. I did some more writing after I returned home. I shared my writing with other members of my family.

If you live in the area, tell your friends about Alice's workshop. Just meeting Alice was a blessing.

July 30th is nearly here! Be sure to join us by signing up here for Gateway through Life's Losses.