Monday, March 28, 2016

Writing in Spring

Spring is the time to sit down and write!  Or take a walk and see what you come up with.  Let the warmer weather and the beauty around you open a world of writing. 

I like to take my pen and notebook to a park and see what transpires. While seated near a stream, I've met talking turtles and a team of dancing flowers.  (They were included in one of my books.) After writing for a bit, I get up and walk. Walking generates a host of ideas, dialog, and emotions. These can be used in your writing.

Spend fifteen minutes a day writing whatever comes to mind.  You'll be surprised at what those moments with your thoughts can produce. Writing for a specific amount of time each day is an opportunity to get some problems solved (the more you write, the better chance you'll have at coming up with solutions). I call it cheap therapy.  It's also a great way to boost your word count for your current work-in-progress.

Let this spring cultivate your writer's heart!