Saturday, March 23, 2019

Memoir Writing Workshop

So this morning when I couldn't sleep due to those middle-age night sweats and pain in my left ankle from when Levi, the boxer-dog ran into me, I thought.

I thought about the memoir I've been slaying over, and, after jotting down a few notes in the darkness, I was reminded that I haven't posted on this blog in too long. So on my memo pad, while my husband and boxer slept, I wrote: Write a blog post tomorrow.

Shame on me for not keeping up with posts here. I am not sure what excuse I have but I suppose I could blame it on our business, working on my memoir, and those other aspects of life that worm their way into the day-to-day threads of living, some good, some just frustrating.

Having said that, my memoir is at a good place. I think. Oh, ask me tomorrow. Tomorrow I might want to toss it out the window. This memoir is much harder to get right than any novel I've ever written. Just when I think I'm content with it, I learn something new and realize that some chapters must be re-worked.

The surprising news is this: A fellow author asked me to facilitate a memoir writing workshop, and although I am no expert on the subject, I said YES. I figured that with all the articles, books, and webinars I've poured into my brain on memoir writing, I can share my self-taught knowledge with others. So I'm up for the task.

I've learned about so many of the components of writing a memoir as I've educated myself through the gurus who hang out on the Internet. I've listened to talks on finding themes and plots, structure, and strong starts and significant endings. I've read dozens of memoirs this year, analyzed what I have enjoyed and what I haven't.

But yippee, I get to share my knowledge at a workshop!

The memoir writing workshop starts April 2 and will be held for five weeks at the Princeton Public Library in Princeton, NC. Not Princeton, NJ, so don't head there. The workshop is free; yes, you read that correctly. It is being offered thanks to a grant. The workshop will be given each Tuesday in April from 4 to 6 PM.

For those of you reading who live close enough to Princeton, NC to join me at the workshop, I hope to see you there. Bring a pen you love and a notepad and/or a lap top.

Let's discover the magic of writing memoir together!

Princeton Public Library
101 Dr. Johnnie H. Jones Jr. Blvd.
Princeton, NC 27569