Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Breaking Bad, Walter White, and Why our Cutting Boards are so Popular

So although I wasn't born yesterday, I do come slow to life sometimes.  My children had talked about the series Breaking Bad and watched it when it was on TV years ago.  Carl and I had not seen the show nor had any real desire to.  Until . . .

After almost a year of offering Breaking Bad Let's Cook bamboo cutting boards at our Carved By Heart shop, we were surprised.  People were buying them.  Not just a few sales here and there, but lots of sales. So last month we decided perhaps we should get to know the TV show behind the engraved face and words on the cutting boards we sell. After all, we got a review at one of our online stores that reads: I love Walter White!

And we had little idea who he was.

And now we are so engrossed in the show that we're binging.  We look forward to the day's end ---after we've crafted and mailed out products to customers----when we can watch the next episode. Or two.  The acting is so good, the story line, the tension, wow, Vince Gilligan has created an epidemic!

Our Let's Cook Cutting Boards come in two sizes---small (9 by 12") and large (11 by 15").  You can read more about them at our shop on Etsy.  And if you've taken the time to read this blog post, you deserve a discount, so save 10% by using the SHOPSMALL coupon code when you order any size cutting board.