Saturday, September 29, 2007

Are people actually reading this?

Aside from my friend Julie, in Wales, and my cousin Leif in Montana, I don't know if anyone ever reads my postings here. However, when Julie said she wanted to hear about my "lock-out" from my house, and my cousin faithfully reminds me that my last post was a month ago, I guess I should keep up a little better.

My second novel has reached that finished first draft stage, which is a major accomplishment in my opinion. Now I get to do the fun work of editing. Actually, the hard part for me is over. I don't mind it when it gets to this nice workable structure where the skeletal form is in clear view; I just have to pad with flesh to create the final product. (My kids, by the way, are tired of that flesh on bones analogy, but is there a better way to explain the process?)

I continue with freelance projects, along with my second novel, and wait to see what is next in store.