Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why is it hard going down the cereal aisle?

Everything screams difficult after the death of a child. The cereal aisle is no exception. Walking down the cereal aisle after a child has died can be painful. Memories lie with the boxes of Cocoa Puffs and Fruit Loops.

Down the Cereal Aisle is more than a cookbook. The pages contain not only recipes, but food-related memories and stories of children gone too soon. You can read the book and cry, as well as create one of the recipes and weep. And while you're doing it, it will make your heart feel good that you are remembering a child who did live, was loved and is missed every day. Learn to make Chicken Broccoli Casserole and Tommy's Chocolate Cake. Or just sit down with a cup of your favorite tea and read the poetry and stories in this tender book.

Down the Cereal Aisle was compiled by me, with the help of dozens of moms and dads who contributed to the cookbook.

James Cox of Midwest Book Review says, "Down The Cereal Aisle: A Basket Of Recipes And Remembrances is a unique and very special cookbook of favorite recipes of children who have since been lost to their parents. As much a testimony of grief and bereavement as it is a fond memory of cherished dining with their loved ones, Down The Cereal Aisle is a soulful, meditative, and sober compilation of easy-to-prepare dishes. From Aunt Vicki's Macaroni and Cheese Stuff (in memory of Michael Haskins, May 9, 1979--October 11, 1996) to 7 Layer Bars (in memory of Teresa Wesley Hough, April 25, 1968--October 2, 1993), Down The Cereal Aisle blends capsules memorial tributes with recipes from the heart's own memory."

Order a copy today at the discount price. Send $12.00 (that includes shipping and handling) per book to the address below.
Visit this page at my Writing the Heartache website to read more about the book.

Address check to Alice J. Wisler and send to:

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Missy said...

Alice: Thanks for posting about this book. It is one that sounds tender but heartbreaking as well.

Alice J. Wisler said...

Thanks! I added more to the blog, so when you have a moment, read more! :-)

Lucy said...

Dear Alice... yes, the Pop Tarts, Yodels, there is so much. Stop and Shop, large stores, I still avoid. The small one, where we used to go, saw my tears every week.

I sit here having just watched a girl on the ledge of adolescence ride her bicycle in the neighborhood where I am fixing a computer for a friend. I am alone, as is usual. I cannot stop the pain. Unlike you, I have no one to call me "Mom," which might, or might not, provide something for me.

I see that you smile. I see it and for this, for you, I am glad. Although it is something I cannot feel.

So many good people say, "write a book.." Yeah.

I would like to link to you on my site and Torri's. If nothing else, people find me and say they are reminded to slow down, focus on the moments, something I neglected to do.

You make the world better.

alice wisler said...