Saturday, May 26, 2012

Writing to ease the heartache

What's good for you besides eight hours of sleep and a bowl of oatmeal?


The more I read and listen, the more I am convinced that putting pen to paper is one of the best gifts God has given for alleviating all the built-up pain inside our hearts. Writing from grief and loss works!

Is your mind overloaded with worry? Confused about a current circumstance? Are you flooded with anguish and sorrow over the death of a loved one? Is your past hurting you as you recall your childhood or young adult life? Unleash all the anger, frustration, sorrow and guilt onto the pages of your journal.

Join me and my other registered attendees for a full day of writing on June 16th in Raleigh, NC. Journey through Life's Losses is going to be a great workshop, filled with tips, prompts and techniques on journaling, writing poetry, memoirs and more.

Hurry and sign up by going to this link at my website.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All Things Southern: Cheerwine!

What in the world is Cheerwine? Good question. Is it wine? Is is detergent mixed with wine? Is it any good? All great questions.

Cheerwine was born in Salisbury, North Carolina in 1917, the creation of a store owner by the name of L. D. Peeler. With a flavor of wild cherry, Cheerwine grew in popularity and is now a favorite among many. I know I enjoy an occasional glass because I like the taste of cherry. Come to find out, this beverage is even available in Iraq and China.

I must confess that I haven't paid Cheerwine much attention lately until I saw a billboard advertising it on Interstate 85. Apparently Cheerwine was born in the South and raised in glass and it's become a legend. The things you learn from billboards when you are driving along and need entertainment!

For all you diet soda drinkers, there is even a diet Cheerwine and for a two-Southern products rolled into one, Cheerwine has teamed up with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to form a single-most tasty treat---Cheerwine Kreme Filled! Look at those sprinkles on top.

Wanna be a Cheerwine fan on Facebook? I just LIKED them! You can, too. Click here.

And the winners of the Blog Hop are . . .

Thanks to all who participated in the John 3:13 Marketing Network Blog Hop from May 7th till May 14th! Thanks to all who joined this blog. And now for my winners . . . Anastasia Watson is the winner of my second novel, How Sweet It Is, and Patricia (Mamaw) is the winner of my A Grateful Heart Dances thank-you cards!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Blog Hop is coming to an end

Have you joined this blog and left a comment way below at the May 6th post? If not, you need to do that! For joining this site, you will be entered into the contest for a free pack of A grateful heart dances thank-you cards. When you leave a comment (after joining), you are entered to win a copy of my second novel, How Sweet It Is. Hurry, the Blog Hop ends May 14th. Be sure to scroll down to the May 6th entry, tell us about your favorite cake, and visit the other bloggers' sites, too.

Bible Study Expo: May 17th

Read more to find out what this is about!

Bible Study Expo hostess, Marnie Swedberg, says “The Bible Study Expo is a uniquely accessible online event which is totally free to attend and we want Bible study enthusiasts from every denomination to feel welcome. We’ve got a stellar line-up of authors, a strong string of Bible study leadership trainers, and a super-fun afternoon scheduled that promises to be both motivational and memorable.”

During the four-hour, online expo that is scheduled for May 17th, attendees will enjoy free Bible Study leadership training, hear interviews with authors from 13 publishers, and have the opportunity to connect with other Bible study leaders for ideas. Publishers involved include Abingdon, Barbour, Bethany House, Fruitbearer, Harvest House, Kregel, Moody, Multnomah, New Hope, Revell, Thomas Nelson and WinePress.

The line-up of guest authors includes Sheila Walsh, author of God Loves Broken People (Thomas Nelson), Cindy Jacobs, author of The Power of Persistent Prayer (Bethany House), Babbie Mason, recording artist and author of Embraced by God (Abingdon), Pam Farrel, author of Ten Secrets to Living Smart (Harvest House) and many more. Guest authors hail from California to Florida and Canada to Texas.

“The fact that you can attend from the comfort of home without investing even one penny for registration fees or travel expenses makes this expo accessible for everyone,” says Swedberg.

Attendees may register for free book give-aways which will occur during each 15 minute author interview segment, and are encouraged to participate in live chats with the authors and other Bible Study leaders via Facebook or Twitter.

Registration is now open and is free to the public. Visit Bible Study Expo today.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day three of the Blog Hop

I'm glad to see so many comments after my post below about the Blog Hop. As the Hop continues, continue to tell your friends to join this blog and comment so that all will be eligible for my giveaways.

Also, this Hop is not all about me. Be sure to visit the other authors' blogs and read what they are giving away this week.

Thanks to all who are joining us!

Don't miss the fun!

Don't glorify the Amish life

Ex-Amish back on TV with new series

By Janese Silvey of The Daily Columbia Tribune, Columbia, Missouri

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Columbia man who left his Amish roots and now helps others do the same is back on the small screen.

Moses Gingerich is the star of a 10-episode series, "Amish: Out of Order," on the National Geographic Channel. The program airs at 9 p.m. Tuesdays.

Dubbed by the cable channel as the "de facto mayor of the ex-Amish community in Columbia," Gingerich serves as a mentor for Amish teens trying to explore the outside world. He not only helps them escape when they reach out to him, Gingerich also helps them find work and stay out of trouble when they're here. Some ultimately decide to return to their communities, making Columbia a sort of revolving door for Amish.

The latest series highlights the challenges the teens face when they get here. Not only do they struggle with leaving family members and questions of faith; they also have to adapt to a new, modern world.

In tomorrow's episode, for instance, an ex-Amish teenager gets his driver's license but then has a car crash that lands him in the hospital. Making matters worse, according to an online preview, is that he doesn't get support from his family, including his father, who tells him he would have spent eternity in hell had he died.

Gingerich has provided the public with a rare glimpse of Amish life for years. After leaving his own community in Wisconsin, he was one of the stars of "Amish in the City," a one-season reality show that aired on UPN in 2004. Two years ago, he worked with the National Geographic Channel to produce two specials on the Amish life. The main reason Gingerich said he is willing to work with media to highlight his life is to show ex-Amish they aren't alone.

"I wanted to leave the Amish for many, many years and couldn't and wouldn't because I had no support," he said. "No one was there to tell me, 'It's OK.' There are hundreds of thousands of Amish kids in that same boat."

Gingerich's story caught the eye of North Carolina author Alice Wisler, a Christian author who works with Bethany House Publishers. That's the same company that publishes Beverly Lewis, best known for her dozens of novels about Amish life. Wisler said she was inspired by Gingerich's willingness to provide an alternate view of a life she feels has been somewhat glorified.

"There's so much more to the Amish than what people choose to believe," she said. "It was refreshing to hear that he was viewing his Amish life differently than what you usually hear when you're reading fiction about Amish."

Gingerich has since become inspiration for Wisler's latest book, Still Life in Shadows, which revolves around a character who left the Amish and helps others escape, including his brother. The book is set to be released in August.

Gingerich wasn't familiar with the book when asked about it but wasn't surprised. He hears from countless other non-Amish people who have read or watched his story.

"Many people in the outside world can relate to my story about how difficult it was for me to make a jump on my own," he said. "I'm not anything special, I just tell my life story, and it inspires people. And if I can inspire people, why the hell not?"

Reach Janese Silvey at 573-815-1705 or e-mail

This article was published on page A8 of the Monday, April 30, 2012 edition of The Columbia Daily Tribune with the headline "Ex-Amish back on television: Columbia man's efforts followed." Click here to Subscribe.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 7-14 Blog Hop is ready to start today!

Welcome to the John 3:16 Marketing Network Blog Hop!

I am giving away a pack of thank-you cards and my second novel, How Sweet It Is for the Blog Hop!

In order to be eligible for my giveways, join this Patchwork Quilt blog and leave a comment about your favorite cake to eat and/or make. Winners will be drawn. It's that simple!

And then be sure to tell your friends about the John 3:16 Giveaway Blog Hop! It's going to be a great week of fun!

Just click on the links below to go from blog to blog of these other authors for a chance to win even more! Happy hoppin'!

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Win, win, win! The Blog Hop!

Enter a drawing to win!

About fifty of us from John 3:16 Marketing Network are having a blog hop May 7th through the 14th. What is a blog hop? A chance for you, the reader, to win!

Simply make your way around each blog, follow the instructions to enter to win, and wait for your name to be announced as a winner! Many authors are giving away some fun products. The top prizes are two Kindles (I'll tell you how to register for those later).

What do you have to do to win on this Patchwork Quilt blog?

1) Join it. Become one of my subscribers here.

2) Just doing #1 enters your name into the drawing for a pack of ten postcards and envelopes, thank-you cards designed by my daughter, Rachel. On the front is printed: A grateful heart dances!

3) To win a copy of my novel, How Sweet It Is (Christy finalist 2010), join this blog, and then simply leave a comment below by answering the question, What is your favorite cake to make? To eat?

Happy playing!

Oh, to register for the Kindle giveaways, head over to the John 3:16 Marketing Network.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

News for Still Life in Shadows!

The other day while watching the National Geographic Channel, my husband informed me that a new episode of Amish: Out of Order was to air the first of May. With my ex-Amish novel, Still Life in Shadows, about to debut, of course I was interested. As I viewed snippets of other ex-Amish news on the Internet, I came across an article in The Daily Tribune about Mose Gingerich. Mose didn't know it, but he was the inspiration for my novel. Like Mose, my character Gideon Miller, helps Amish youth leave their communities in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania to resettle in modern society. He helps them find employment and offers them an inexpensive place to live.

After reading the article again (I'd come across it once before earlier in the year) I wrote to the journalist, Janese Silvey. She emailed to say she wanted to talk with me the following week. The result? Me and Still Life in Shadows in The Columbia Daily Tribune!
Janese asked if my character was based on the real Mose Gingerich. Of course, Gideon is. Just like Mose, he helps Amish youth who have escaped their old lifestyles.

I'll be watching Mose tonight on NatGeo. I hope you will, too. 10 PM EST is when Amish: Out of Order will air.

Be sure to read the full article with me and Mose.