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Friday, June 15, 2007

I Quit and Started.....

Well... to all those who use the
cliche, "Don't quit your day job,"
guess what?

Of course there were dozens of
reasons why I quit a secure
job--uh, there is one of them.
The job was no longer secure.
Financial woes, and I was asked
to cut back on my weekly hours.
Uh-oh! That meant no more

Okay, so enough on that. I quit.
I took a risk, stepped out of the
boat during the storm, and knew
I could do it ONLY if I could
trust God's hand.

What would I do for money?
I hadn't won the lottery...yet.

Today marks Week Two of living
the freelancer's life. Having
novel advance money, plus a little
more in savings, helps. I wouldn't
recommend this quitting the day
job unless you have a little
something to live off of until
you get your next break. The
freelancing world, like everything
else, holds no guarantees.

But the bottom line is-- I am
excited about living this life.
Can I say that I have dreamed
of living the writing life
full-time? Yes, I can say just
that because I have.

True, I miss my co-workers, but
the flexibility of working from
home and having time to spend
with my three summer-vacationing
children got it, priceless!

So, for now, this point in time,
this is what I'm doing.

Life is always subject to change
so I am ruling out nothing. Just
enjoying this part of the journey.

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