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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Evening Peace

Book number two is completed! I am ready to send it to
my editor at Bethany House Publishers and see what she

Evening Peace is set in Bryson City, NC, so dismiss the
earlier posts about Beaufort. Perhaps the third
or fourth book will be the one set in Beaufort.

Meanwhile, I am continuing with freelance projects and
waiting to see what is around the corner.

And if you are ever wondering what to do--
please visit Writing the Heartache, my website
on writing through grief.


Debby Stephenson said...

Hi Alice Blue Gown,
I love your blog............I would have checked it out before it yu had told me earlier...........I'll pass this on to our Moms......many remember you!
Grrr 2008 is forever away.......why does it take so long?? Hugs!

Martha K. said...

Hi Alice,

I can't wait to read your books.

Kate Burrow said...


I enjoy hearing you speak and hope you can speak to our group very soon.
Hugs, Kate Burrow