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Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Year in Japan

What fun it was to go to Cresset Christian Academy this afternoon and talk about New Year celebrations in Japan.

The middle school students in Susan Palumbo's class were attentive and laughed at my jokes. You know that I had fun recalling my childhood in Osaka. When I mentioned I used to buy bean paste ice cream on the way home from school, no one looked hungry.

Anyway, talking about soba and ozoni made me wish for bowls of each right then.

Later, I handed out fliers about Rain Song. How nice of Susan to have a copy of Rain Song on her desk and refer to it as her "new favorite book." One child asked if I am the person behind the umbrella on the novel's cover. You gotta love those middle schoolers (I do, I have two of my own!).

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