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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Writing to Heal

When my son Daniel died in 1997, writing wasn't any lofty pursuit. Writing was a means of survival. I poured pain onto the pages of my journal, hoping, somehow, that I could make sense of his senseless death, find the loophole, and bring him back to life.

There is something about writing that calms you, makes your agony bearable, and gives you solace. No one has to read or criticize what you write; you own the pages of your journal. Your days after the death of a loved one are filled with enough pain to burst your heart. If you let a little of the combustion out via your pen, you can save yourself from the explosion.

I offer online writing courses at my website and hope that you will click on the Writing the Heartache Workshop link and pursue five weeks of writing through the sorrow.

As Alice Walker stated, Writing saved me.

I couldn't agree more.


Anonymous said...

The time has passed. Your little son has grown.
Now handsome looking young man look at you.
And he is harmed with your so deepening sorrow.
Please, give him hope you’ll be as previous you.


Sassy Sistah said...

Writing also saved me. During the first year and a half or so after my Jason died, I poured my thoughts and emotions into words. I haven't had the strength to go back and re-read much of it. But it did save me.

I'm not sure I'm reading the previous comment correctly but I feel like I need to say this - I don't know about anyone else who has experienced the death of his or her child - but I will NEVER be the same person I was before he died. It's impossible. To suggest (if I'm reading correctly) that anyone could be the same as before, feels insulting - at least to me.

"He is harmed with your deepening sorrow.."??? Again, maybe I'm not understanding the comment but that seems downright cruel. Just my 2 cents. Please forgive me if I'm overstepping any lines.