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Friday, July 10, 2009

The new boat

This summer I've been thinking a lot about summers of my youth
in Nojiri-ko, Japan. Buying a boat has much to do with this
reminiscing. As my husband, kids and I power over the local
lakes (we like Falls Lake), I recall the days of cruising
around Lake Nojiri in Nagano-ken, a mountain resort where I
spent summers with my family and other missionary kids.
The sun was bright; few clouds sat in the sky. I was tan, young,
content, and whenever water sprayed my face, as the sailboat
sailed across the lake, I felt I was truly experiencing one
of life's finest gifts---boating.

Today, I'm glad that I can give that gift to my three children.
The new boat is named Rain Song, after my first novel. That
was my husband Carl's idea. A good one, I'll have to agree.

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