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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Name that Character Contest Winners for my Next Novel!

Connected with my Author Page on Facebook, I hosted a contest. Name that Character Contest was specifically for two names I needed for my current novel----a work in progress, which will be my fifth book. I asked for the name of a waitress who calls everyone Sugar and one for the local mountain town sheriff's daughter. I told Facebook friends to LIKE my page and then play the game! From then on the names came in! What fun to read them all.

On December 4th, the contest ended. For the next two days, I decided which of the eighty-plus names to chose for my two characters. Now, some I couldn't choose because either I'd already used similar names for other characters of the names suggested are actual names of people I know. For example, our pet beagle is Dixie, so I stayed away from that one for a person.

Well, I'm happy to announce that the waiting is over.

Della is the name of the waitress, and thanks goes to Sallie Knott Deaton for that name


Ashlyn is the name for the sheriff's daughter and thanks goes to Charlotte Stevenson for that name.

Both Sallie and Charlotte will receive an autographed copy of A Wedding Invitation, my fourth novel. They will also both be acknowledged in my new novel.

Thanks to everyone for playing!

By the way, this fifth novel I just received a contract for will be completed by January 9th, 2012, and published by Moody Publishers in the fall of 2012. The novel is tentatively titled Still Life In Shadows. The story is set in the mountains of North Carolina and is about an ex-Amish man who assists young Amish escape the Old Order lifestyle.

Where did I get the idea for Still Life in Shadows? Carl and I watch programs about an ex-Amish man in Columbia, Missouri who does help dissatisfied Amish leave their communities. Based on these programs, I set out to create.

Stay tuned for more!

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