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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Carved By Heart

So, people think all I do is write novels and try to get people to buy them. Not so. I also cook dinner, walk three miles a day, battle weeds in my yard, and most recently, started a new business with my husband. One of my jobs was to create a website. I posted here about a week ago that our new venture is called Carved Remembrances. Carl (my husband) said, "Remembrances is easy to misspell. We need another name." So after brainstorming and even calling our friend Lori who was in Vegas at the time, we came up with a new name. Carved By Heart. After obtaining a name, I was ready to design our website.

What is Carved By Heart? It's a wonderful creation of wooden plaques made of oak, poplar, birch and pine. Each plaque is personalized. We have remembrance plaques, pet plaques, and memorabilia plaques.

The Memorabilia Plaques hold the memories of a recent vacation or special event. Depending on where you've been, we'll customize your plaque. For an example, this one is taken on the infamous Route 66. In the little "box" to the right is a piece of the actual road (Carl stole it, not me) and the picture is of Carl on the road.

Plaques can be painted as the example of this Welcome Friends Plaque shows.

Basically, we are ready, the shop is opened, the carving machine is oiled and we want to make a special plaque for you!

Stop by Carved By Heart and check it out. You can join our mailing list for exceptional promotions.

We are having a special right now on the Remembrance Plaques. Soon, we plan on having an open house or open garage so local friends can stop by for a visit to view our products and have some refreshments.

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