Monday, December 16, 2013

How is it Done? Making a Carved Clock!

Many of you are asking. So we wanted to answer. Just how do we make our clocks at Carved By Heart?

Good question.

We decided to bring you into the process by showing you some photos and descriptions from a recent clock we had commissioned by El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Durham, NC.

Of course, it all starts with wood. Pine is a popular choice. Whenever we can, we like to get reclaimed wood to repurpose it. We want to do our part for the environment.

The process starts at the computer with serveral hours of design work. This is followed by loading the wood into a CNC machine.

Here is what it looks like when it comes out of the machine.

After this, there are more hours of detailing.

Then comes the painting.

This is where it looks like a two-year-old has been playing with paints around the shop.

Next it is sanded and that's the step where you go from two-year-old's play to this nice look (below).

Finishing is also a step that gives the product that extra shine. And then the clock parts are added to make the clock tell time (very important step). For this clock, a frame and glass were also added.

And then, there it is, the finished product!

Be sure to get a view of all of our finished clocks and other handcrafted items at our Carved By Heart shop on Etsy. No two products are ever exactly alike because each piece of wood we work with is unique due to its color, grain and the way it handles paint. You can be assured that no one will have a plaque or clock just like yours.

We'd love for you to stop by and let us craft something special for you.

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