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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Does your pet let you pose him for the camera?

One thing that pet owners can agree on---we love our pets.

"There is nothing like a kiss from a dog."

"There is nothing like the happiness that shows she is glad to see me."

"My dog loves me unconditionally."

Dogs tolerate us in all our strangeness.

Some even go along with costumes at Halloween.

I am often trying to get some photo ops with our boxer, Levi. I think he and my books go so well together and try to place one of my novels against him for the camera. It's always a battle; he apparently doesn't like books pushed against him and me trying to get him to pose like he's enjoying it.

Now that we are making more and more pet plaques, I feel the urge to photograph Levi with one of the plaques. After all, this one has his name on it. And a carving from a photo taken of him when he was just a wee puppy. He should be happy, proud even. Well . . . Right!

Here's how it went today . . .

What's this? What is this piece of wood she's put against me?

I guess I can cuddle up to it if it will make her happy.

Okay, enough!

She put me through all that posing, I think I'll take her favorite pink cap.

And this is how the world goes round.

We love our pets, in all their silliness, and they love us.

Maybe you need a plaque with your dog's or cat's name and face. All you need to do is send a photo of your pet's face and we'll create a carved portrait.

See what else we offer at our Etsy Shop---Carved By Heart


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