Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cooking with Author Adam Blumer!

Today we welcome author Adam Blumer to the Patchwork Quilt Blog. Adam has a new novel coming out next week. And since this is a Cooking with Author segment, he has a recipe for us to try. 

Welcome, Adam! Glad to have your here. First let's get to the recipe.

Soft Pretzels (Yield: 16)

1 T sugar
1 T dry yeast (or one envelope)
5-6 c flour
1 T salt
2 t oil
2 T baking soda
1 large egg
coarse salt

Soften yeast in two cups hot water (110 degrees) and let stand until it bubbles. Beat 1 cup flour into yeast on low. Beat in salt and 4 cups of flour until combined (about 30 seconds). Using a dough hook, knead 1-1/2 minutes or until dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl, adding 1/2 cup of flour or so if needed and knead another 30 seconds. Place 2 t oil in a bowl and place dough in the bowl, making sure oil covers all sides of the dough. Let rise one hour or until doubled in bulk. Divide dough into 16 pieces, keeping the pieces covered as you work on each pretzel. Roll each into an 8" rope and twist into a pretzel shape. Put on baking sheet and cover. Let rise 15 minutes. Using a large but shallow skillet-type pan, fill with about 2" of water and boil. When boiling, add the baking soda and 3-4 pretzels. Poach for one minute. Remove with slotted spoon and return to baking sheet. Beat egg with 1 T water and brush pretzels sparingly then sprinkle with coarse salt. Bake at 425 for just under 15 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack and eat warm. Enjoy! Pretzels are best eaten the same day, but once they’re cool, you can store them in a Ziploc bag for a day or so. 

About the novel  . . . . 

Kill Order, Adam's third novel, releases on August 15th by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. 

Here is a short description:

When he sleeps, the forgotten terrors of the past come alive.

Grammy-winning pianist Landon Jeffers’s brain cancer has given him only a few years to live. But when he sleeps, the forgotten terrors of his past torment him. When he wakes, shameful memories come rushing back. Desperate for answers, Jeffers discovers that a brain implant intended to treat his cancer is really a device to control him, forcing him to commit terrible crimes. Now he’s being manipulated by an evil crime syndicate and a crooked cop. 

What if free will isn’t? What if your every move is predestined? If you kill, are you guilty of murder?

 About Adam . . . .

Adam Blumer is the author of three Christian suspense novels: Fatal Illusions (Meaningful Suspense Press); its sequel, The Tenth Plague (Kirkdale Press); and the upcoming Kill Order (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas). A print journalism major in college, he works full-time from home as a book editor after serving in editorial roles for more than twenty years. He lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with his wife, Kim, and his daughters, Laura and Julia.

Where you can find Adam:

Purchase a copy of Kill Order on Amazon.

Thanks, readers, for joining us today.


Adam Blumer said...

Thank you for hosting me! I appreciate it.

Janet Johnson said...

Excellent recipe for a reading-Kill-Order-finger-food snack! Adam, your books are excitingly suspenseful. Alice, I'm glad to get introduced to your blog.

Jean said...

I love Adam Blumer's books! Pretzels would definitely go well with Adam's new book. I just finished reading Kill Order - what a page-turner! You won't want to stop to eat so make the pretzels ahead of time and get settled for a great read!

Lou Ann Keiser said...

The pretzels look amazing. I always enjoyed the way you included home recipes in your books. People will love Kill Order. I read it in two days--a real page turner!

Alice. J. Wisler said...

So happy to see all the comments here!

Thanks, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you make homemade pretzels. Since I am in the middle of reading your highly enjoyable book, I will have to try to determine if there is a connection between the recipe and the story!

Adam Blumer said...

Janet, the trick is not to eat all the pretzels in a single sitting (!). They are really THAT good. I have to restrain myself whenever my wife bakes these delectable treats. Have fun!

Adam Blumer said...

Thank you, Jean. I'm so glad you enjoyed Kill Order!

Adam Blumer said...

Hi, Lou Ann. The pretzels ARE amazing. Wow, two days. I'm so glad you enjoyed Kill Order. It was quite a process, and I'm almost to the finish line. God is good.

Adam Blumer said...

Anonymous, actually my wife and daughters make the pretzels. I get the fun part of eating them! Have fun reading Kill Order. I hope you enjoy it.

Matte Blk said...

I'd like to be your friend
in Seventh-Heaven, maam...