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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rain Song

While listening to Jim Brickman's CD and a variety of others,
I wrote my novel Rain Song. This story takes place just down
the road from me in Mount Olive, North Carolina. The main
character, Nicole, loves salt water fish and writes for a
website called Pretty Fishy. (Isn't that pretty clever?)
She hears from a fan, a man by the name of Harrison. He
lives in Japan. Japan is taboo for Nicole. There is
bad family history that took place there. Yet, Harrison
is so nice in his email messages, and he writes poetry,
and when he sends his picture, oh, my!

I won't disclose anymore because I need you to buy
the book, read it, and be surprised! See, I'm doing
you a favor by not writing another line about Rain

The road to fall 2008 is long and I hope you'll keep
me going by reading my posts until that joyous
publication day. Your comments are most welcome.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Alice - I cant wait for your book, I love reading your writings - and now, a whole book!! Yippee!!

Good luck with it all.

Julie, in the land of the cows