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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Novel Giveaway

Want a copy of Rain Song or How Sweet It Is? Then, follow these simple rules for the Win by Joining Contest for a novel giveaway!

Contest Rules:
1. The contest runs from November 13 till November 30.
2. During that time, if you haven't already, join the Alice J. Wisler Fan Club on Facebook. (Scroll down to click on the FB badge to the left of this page.)
3. Once you've joined, submit your name for the drawing by
answering the following question: How do you get away from it all?
What do you do to relax, have fun, or take a break from your daily routine? Submit your entry by posting below here (include an email address)or on Facebook at the Alice J. Wisler Fan Club page.
4. In December, those who have entered the contest, will have
their name placed in a drawing and one will be selected to win!
5. The prize is either an autographed copy of Rain Song or an autographed copy of How Sweet It Is.


Nora said...

Hi, Alice;

I've joined your fan club. I have only read your second book and enjoyed it.

What I love to do to relax is quilt. I really enjoy all aspects of it except picking out the fabric. But it's very relaxing and rewarding as well.

Ok, when I can't do that I like to go to the gym and not miss my favorite part the whirlpool. :D Not that is relaxing.

Blessings I would love to be entered for your first book.


Nora :D

bp said...

I joined on FB.

To relax I take a hot, hot bath and read a book while I soak!


lahlah said...

Hi! I just discovered you on K. Dawn Byrd's blog, and would love to win one of your books to read. So, Facebook fan I now am, and to answer the contest question: I write, read, get 'artsy', listen to music or watch a movie to relax. Oh, and eat chocolate. Have to have the chocolate.

I can't wait to read your work. Thanks a bunch for the chance to win! God bless!!!

Secondhand Girl said...

TCF of Atlanta posted an essay by you about Anniversary Days. So I looked you up. My daughter Mary was killed by a drunk driver on 3/31/09. I write now. I write and write and write like I never did before. Lots of poems. I use a blog as my journal.

I don't relax yet. One day I might but not right now. I just write. I'm thinking about taking your writing course. Others tell me to put my poems in a book for Mary. Maybe I will. Still can't see straight. My son is waiting for his 2nd heart transplant too.
Sorry to hang my laundry life out. Sometimes it just happens.

I also started painting last month to have something to do. I guess that's as close to relaxing as I can get.
Thanks for your writing on TCF.

Charity said...

Hi, I am not a member of Facebook. Is there any other way to enter your giveaway? I would love to read one of your books. Found you while I was looking at K Dawn Byrds site. Thanks!!

Deborah said...

I am a scrapbooking Consultant-so I love to get away by scrabooking. That is the only hobby that I do besides reading-it can be very expensive, but I have been doing it for so long now that I have most of the stuff. There is nothing more rewarding or relaxing than putting your photos and memories down in a beautiful and creative scrapbook album.

I also followed the directions and joined your fan club. ;)


Suzanne said...

Hi Alice,

"How Sweet It Is" is one of the best novels I've read this year. However, I haven't read Rain Song and would love to!

I've been on the Facebook fan page for a while now so I hope I still count? :0)

Remember the old Calgon commercials? "Calgon, take me away ..." A good hot bath, sometimes with candles and classical music (Vivaldi! he he) helps to sooth away the worries of the day for me better than almost anything else.

I also enjoy curling up under a blanket in the sunshine with a good book and a steamy cup of mint herbal tea with honey (... but with two young kiddos in my house that hasn't happened in a LONG time!)

Love your writing. Keep it coming!


Teresa said...


I became a fan on Facebook and want to enter the contest. I have read both books, so would give as a gift. I liked both, liked How Sweet It Is the best.

To relax I love to read with a cup of hot tea with milk in my recliner or on my back deck if it's nice weather. My email address is

Thanks, Teresa

Alice J. Wisler said...

The names of our winners for the Novel Giveaway Contest that ran till November 30 have been chosen! Nora and Bethany are the two my son Ben pulled out of the mug today. Congratulations to Nora and Bethany!

Thanks to all---those listed at this posting and also those who submitted on the recent book reviews posting. Thanks for playing!