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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Mom Spa Journal

Want to get away and have some time for yourself? As a mom, and especially a mom of small kids, that can be hard to do. Yet having time to read, ponder and write is needed.

How can you spend some quality time alone? Grab a copy of The Mom Spa Journal and you'll have a meaningful respite. Find a quiet (or semi-quiet) place and let the guided prompts in the pages of the book take you to a world where you can use the gift of writing. Some of the subjects include forgiveness, gentleness, waiting and love. Scripture verses provide food for thought and creativity.

You can either print the book or use it along with your personal journal. Either way, you'll find that penning heart to paper does wonders for your spritual growth.

Taking time for you makes you a better mom to your kids.

The Mom Spa Journal is an e-book, so it's easy to download onto your Kindle or onto your computer as a file. This book is designed for moms of all ages. Order a copy now!

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The Mom Spa Journal
by Alice Wisler

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