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Monday, November 11, 2013

Cooking With Author Cheryl Colwell!

Readers, today I have a treat for you. Author Cheryl Colwell is here to tell us about her new novel, The Secrets of the Montebellis, and share a favorite meal.

First, a bit about her book:

Lisa Richards is caught in an abusive relationship and devises a clandestine plan to build her dream and escape. In league with the secretive Montebelli Corporation, she grasps her one chance to gain financial freedom and fulfill her dream to bring new life to the town her ancestors helped settle in the Pacific Northwest.

As a stranger to town, Steven Taylor distrusts Lisa's suspicious behavior and sets out to expose her. Instead, he discovers the truth and becomes one of her few allies.

With attacks coming from many directions, they set out on a gripping course, working against time and the traps set in motion to break her. Imminent threats, at work to crush her efforts, thrust her to the edge of destruction.

I asked Cheryl to tell us what she likes to cook.

Cheryl said, "Here is one of my favorite meals, set in a dramatic moment in the book."

Thomas spun around from taking off his jersey and glared at her. “I don’t know what you do all day, but it’s clear your interest isn’t here.” He threw his clothes against the mirror.

Angry tears stung her eyes, but only served to increase his ranting. “I left you a message telling you we have company coming for dinner. Steven Taylor was on the mountain and I invited him and his daughter to join Jesse and us at seven o’clock. It’s six-thirty right now. What do you propose to do?”

With her heart racing, Lisa opened the freezer and blessed Jenny for organizing it this week. She grabbed two packages of filet of sole and the pound of shrimp off the middle shelf, turned on the oven, and stuffed the shrimp and fish into the microwave to defrost. Next, she dumped jasmine rice into the rice maker.

After pouring the shrimp into a metal bowl, she tossed in cayenne pepper, mayonnaise, and garlic salt, then wrapped each filet around a scoop of shrimp. Over the top, she sprinkled lemon juice and breadcrumbs, then dribbled each with melted butter and set them in the oven to cook. "Okay, what’s next?"

Now that sounds like a good meal! Thanks, Cheryl!

Cheryl's website, where she reviews books, is here.

To read reviews and order The Secrets of the Montebellis at Amazon, click here.


Deborah Heal said...

Now that's a heroine! Able to create a feast on a moment's notice. Just that little excerpt made me tense, thinking of what it would be like to live with such a man.

alice wisler said...

Thanks for visiting here, Deborah!