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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

We've all been on vacation and picked up some item that we want to keep whether it be a shell off the beach or a trinket from a quaint store. We've come home from a trip to the mountains and have a few items we collected---that pack of matches from the restaurant that served the best bar-b-que, a coaster from the coffee shop with the gorgeous view, that photo taken on the porch swing at the little bed and breakfast.

The question is: What do you do with those mementoes? Stash them in a drawer and soon forget where they are?

No, not anymore! Those days are over. Now there's a place to store your memories from a special vacation or event. The Story of a Memory Plaque is where your special memory can be kept forever in a lovely carved wooden display. Capture the memory and share it with others via this plaque customized just for you!

Made of solid poplar, this plaque is handpainted and stained. It has a place for a photo of your choice as well as a place where you can secure a favorite item.

The plaque can also be ideal for photos and mementoes from a family member or loved one who has died. Keep the special memories alive as you hang this plaque on your wall.

These plaques can have a theme as the two shown here have. The item on the Route 66 plaque is an actual piece of the road and the Hole in the Wall plaque has a railroad track spike.

Let us create a Story of a Memory Plaque for you at our Carved by Heart shop on Etsy. We can work with you to make your plaque as unique as you are.

You can also email us at and share that special memory you want us to carve into wood.

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