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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Carved By Heart, we love visitors!

With a love for wood and creating unique items, we opened our Carved By Heart store online and now have a shop at Etsy. We're happy to report that in the short time we've had a presence there, we've had a number of orders. Bird feeders, clocks, lamps, cabinets, plaques, mailboxes, signs, and remembrance plaques---we are quite diverse in what we offer.

The Stubbs name sign we gave to my parents for Christmas and the bear cabinet found a home in a newly-married couple's apartment.

See something you like? Would you like us to create something for you?

Our slogan (everybody needs a slogan) is: You think it; we carve it!

Click the Etsy banner below--it will take you to our online shop.

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