Saturday, March 1, 2014

Book Review: Journaling With Jesus

"How many of you journal?" I ask the participants in my writing workshops.

Many raise their hands, pros at knowing the value of putting pen to paper.

Others squirm in their seats and bite the end of their pens.

Some, after the workshop, vow to rekindle their journaling and make it a habit. Why? Because they learn the transforming power of writing through the heartache. After we've completed a couple of exercises like writing a letter or a poem, or even a psalm, they see how healing and healthy writing is.

Today I'm happy to post a review here for the books, Journaling With Jesus and The 40 Day Challenge. Both are by Carol Round, a self-syndicated columnist, Christian author, and inspirational speaker.

Journaling With Jesus is a practical book, short enough to read in one sitting. But that's not really the purpose of the book. There's more. Within the short pages is great advice, advice that Carol has found to prove true. She guides the reader into the art of prayer-journaling using examples from her own life and the lives of others. Does the book encourage others to partake in this wonderful gift? In a word, yes! In more words, writing for healing works!

As a mom who discovered the value of writing from loss when her son died, I was particularly moved by the chapter titled, "Writing through the Pain." Carol acknowledges that many of us have had lots of emotional pain. She ends the chapter with "Begin your journaling by having a dialogue with Jesus. Share the pain in your life."

And for those who are blocked and wake up unable to write? Carol suggests praying through a passage of scripture, such as a psalm. And there is nothing wrong with admitting you are blocked and being honest with Jesus. In fact, Carol stresses how using the tools of writing and prayer work so well together to bring us closer to an authentic relationship with Jesus.

The companion to Journaling With Jesus, is a workbook, The 40 Day Challenge. Each page of this book has a scripture verse, a short reflection, and a prayer. There is ample room for the writer to write a response on the lined page and then a "faith step" at the end of every page.

As an author and writing instructor, I recommend these books.

Both books are available on Amazon and these links will take you to them:
Journaling With Jesus
The 40 Day Challenge

Also, be sure to stop by Carol's website.


Cheryl Colwell said...

I have been prayer journaling for awhile, although haven't been getting around to it as much as i would like to lately. Thank you, Alice and Carol for the encouragement to keep at it. Great interview.

alice wisler said...

Thanks for reading, Cheryl! Nice to have your comments.

Anonymous said...

I journal now and then, sometimes everyday sometimes i don't journal for a while... I'm looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for highlighting it. Xx

alice wisler said...

Thanks for stopping by, Michelle!