Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Restoring the old into something new

Recently a customer asked us (Carved By Heart) to fix a kitchen knife. The plastic handle had come off due to wear and tear. "I know it's not an expensive knife," the customer said, "but it cuts well and I'd like to keep it."

Carl looked the knife over and said he could do something.

Owning the creative mind he does, Carl didn't just replace the plastic handle of the knife with a wooden handle. He thought of the couple who used the knife. One is left handed and one is right handed. And soon Carl had carved "Lefty" on one side of the handle and "Righty" on the other.

Carl's creativity supplied a wonderful repair to this old knife. When the customer came to pick it up, she exclaimed, "You went over and beyond what I asked. Thank you!"

Another customer asked for repair for one of her lawn ornaments because it no longer attached to the spike that allowed it to stick into the ground.

She also needed help with her rotting birdhouses.

These were simple fixes but important ones, as each one extended the lives of our customers' sentimental possessions. We here at Carved By Heart offer restorations as well as new products. Visit our Etsy shop to see the new additions to our carved items.

"You think it: we carve it!"

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