Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Guest blogger, Author Sandy Ardoin

Today my guest is Sandy Ardoin, a fellow Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas author.

Let's take a peek into her new book.

It's Christmastime in 1890s Meadowmead, and someone is venturing out at night to leave packages at the homes of the needy. Dubbed The Yuletide Angel, no one knows the identity of this mysterious benefactor.

No one, except Hugh Barnes, a confirmed bachelor who finds himself drawn to the outwardly shy but inwardly bold Violet Madison, a young woman who risks her safety to help others.

When Violet confesses her fear of eviction from her childhood home, Hugh longs to rescue her. His good intentions are thwarted, however, when Hugh's estranged brother shows up in town ... and in Violet's company.

But Violet faces an even bigger threat. A phantom figure lurks in the shadows, prepared to clip the wings of The Yuletide Angel.

Passionate about horses and a fan of old westerns, it’s only natural that Sandra Ardoin sets her stories in the days of the horse and buggy. Her Christmas novella, The Yuletide Angel, is no exception.

Her short stories have been published in both adult and juvenile denominational publications, and her story “Get A Clue” is part of the Family Ties: Thirteen Short Stories collection.

Sandy is the married mother of a young adult.

Visit her at her website (www.sandraardoin.com) and on the Seriously Write blog. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, and Pinterest. To receive updates, fun facts, and special offers, sign up for her newsletter.

You can get a copy of The Yultide Angel, published by Heritage Beacon, a division of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, by clicking here.


Sandra Ardoin said...

Thanks for putting the spotlight on The Yuletide Angel, Alice!

Jennifer said...

Love Alice's books and know I'll enjoy yours, Sandy!

alice wisler said...

Glad to have you here, Sandy!

Sandra Ardoin said...

Thanks, Jennifer and Alice! I appreciate you both!

Patti Shene said...

I love books set in this time period, too, so would probably enjoy Sandra's book. Thank you for the great interview and making us aware of this book, Alice.

Sandra, always glad to hear about other "old westerns" fans!

alice wisler said...

Thanks for stopping by, Patti!

Beth Crabtree said...

I had a friend bring this book to my attention on Facebook. I adore Historical Romance books (I read one a day) I can't wait to get a copy of this and give it a go!

alice wisler said...

Thanks for visiting here, Beth!