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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Keeping up with keeping up

You know how it can be. We start things and then we start more things and then we forget (especially if you are over 49) and then we're trying to remember what we started, and then we are circling around to try to keep up with what we think we remember starting.

If the above sounds confusing, welcome to my world!

And my senior class said I was highly organized!

I have three blogs---this one, Writing the Heartache and Broken Psalms. Three blogs for a woman who would do much better if she only had one. However, each of my blogs serve different purposes, so I have all of them. Well, it all made sense when I created each one.

This year, one of my resolutions is to spend more time at my Writing the Heartache blog. I want to encourage readers and writers to send me some posts for guest postings there. This blog deals with just what its name suggests---grief and writing. I'm a huge advocate for writing through hardship; to borrow a line from Alice Walker, "Writing saved me."

So please hop over to Writing the Heartache, give it some love. I'd be so happy if you would follow it. Consider sending me a post or two about how you have found writing through grief and loss to be a healing practice for you. Here's the link.

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