Wednesday, September 12, 2018

When Writing Heals

I believe in many things, simple and grand.  I believe in inspiration that comes on a walk on a fall day, that a cup of strong Earl Grey with milk can make almost any bad morning better. I believe in the power of love manifested through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that when you can forgive---even those who don't ask you to---you are freer than any soaring eagle.

And when life takes a dangerous and sorrowful turn, I believe that pen and paper can heal. As we honestly and freely unleash our heartache onto the page, our hearts and minds go through  transformations. We see our pain on paper and we view it in a new way. From there, as we continue to write, we become stronger, more able to cope and adjust to our situation. This writing for healing is a sacred gift. It has saved me from the moment my four-year-old son died.

I have watched and learned as I've unveiled deep things in my writing.  I've solved problems, understood, gained new perspective. Writing to heal is an extraordinary phenomenon.

I'd love for you to write with me.

My new online writing classes have a few spots open.  I have one class starting September 17 and one on October 22.  Each course is 5-weeks long.  I send out new lessons to your in-box each Monday. You have all week to write on your own, when it's convenient for you. Learn more about my Writing the Heartache Workshop here at my website

Be inspired in the power of writing as you listen to this video that was so kindly created for me by a young man named Wes.

And after that, share here in the comments below how writing has been an avenue of healing for you in your life.

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