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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My mind is no longer a jumble!

"I used to not like to write, but after engaging in the writing exercise you provided during your presentaion, I think I'm going to make writing part of my every day life!"

"Thanks to your course, I have found a friend in writing."

"Writing makes it all clear. My mind is no longer a jumble."

"Wow! I didn't realize how free I'd feel after writing my problems out."

These are some of the many testimonies I have received from those who have listened and written. Whatever your sorrow, whatever you are going through on your journey, whatever crisis or deep pain, writing has a way of bringing hope, healing and health.

Give it a try today! Discover how to make writing work for you through this guided workshop.

To sign up for the next online Writing the Heartache workshop that starts April 15th, register here.

Want an all-day workshop? There is one scheduled for July 27. Read all about it here.

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